Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Avalaible Services

I received a comment on my blog about how parents know what is available. The following is a list of some of the services the Attleboro Area School to Career Partnership offers to the Students of Norton High School. I will try to post activities as they are announce. You can also Check out email or call me anytime. My office hours are M,W 7:30-3pm
My contact information is; or 508-285-0257. You can also look in the schools monthly news letter for upcoming events.

Career Day Programs: Currently Norton High School Offers Career day to Sophomores and we hope to offer a day to the middle school 8th graders in the future.

Student Job Shadows: Juniors and senior have the opportunity to shadow a individual in the career area of their interest. They spend the day or a couple of hours observing and then conduct an interview. This allows student to better understand the profession that they are interested in helping them to make better choices for the future that will suite them.

Health Career Pathway: This program address the growing need for Certified Nursing Assistants.
Student are put throw a program that prepares them to Work and become certified at CNA's with little to no cost to them.

Construction career Day: Our Most popular event of the the year. Massachusetts Construction Career Day (CCD) is an exciting, hands-on opportunity for students to learn about and experience first-hand the wide range of careers available in the construction industry. In the past three years over 200 students from the Attleboro Area School-to-Career Partnership school districts have traveled to the New England Laborers Training Academy in Hopkinton, MA, to take advantage of this program.Students learn how to use highway paving equipment, backhoes, cranes, jackhammers and excavators under the supervision of trained operators. They can design a building, a tunnel or bridge on computer-aided drafting equipment and have their structures assessed for stability by professional engineers. The students participate in demonstrations of brick laying, cement finishing, welding, carpentry, steel cutting and other trades. They also use a “total robotic station” to experiment with cutting-edge surveying equipment. The 2008 trip was a highlight for Norton HS. The annual engineering competition pits school against one another in various engineering contests. The School with the Three highest scores won, Norton came in second and won a small amount of money that was later given by STC as a scholarship to one deserving senior.

There are additional program and Career day, Please check out this blog for more.

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