Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas Baby

I very rarely write about personal things but I am to excited to keep it in. For Christmas I am adding an adorable 6 month old male to our family, no not a human baby but a chinchilla. I picked him up yesterday and fell in love. There is one problem hiding him from my daughter for two days. He is currently in a cage in one of our spare rooms. Last night after my daughter went to bed I took him out to exercise. First he snuggled in my sweat shirt while I watched TV. I placed him in his exercise ball to run around. Well, I said to my husband please watch him while I go get a snack. I came back 5 minutes later to a crazy husband trying to catch him, While the fuzz ball jumped and bounced off the walls. My husband said to me "He tricked me, he looked at me with his big eyes and I opened the ball." Well that little bugger shot out and had run of the living room for 30 minutes before he could be caught again. The thing is, the fuzz ball thought it was a game of tag. He would wait until we were really close then run away. I swear he was laughing at us. Somehow through all of this my daughter kept sleeping. The morel is do not be tricked by a pair of big cute brown eyes pleading to be let out.

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