Monday, March 24, 2008

Internships for 08-09

Internships for 08-09 academic year

Applications are now available in my office. Every student who applies for an internship must follow the this procedure.

1. See Mrs. Ellis to discuss your ideas and options
2. Fill our an applications including to teacher recommendations and guidance approval.
3. Set up an appointment for a job shadow.
4. attend the interview job readiness workshop on May 5th.

All intern candidates must get final approval from Mrs Ellis to be accepted into the program and class. Please understand that the school to career office is not responsible for finding students a placement. The student must find ans secure the placement. The school to career office will be happy to point you in the correct directions but like with any job the first step is yours.

If you have any further questions or concerns call or email Mrs. Ellis at 508-285-0257 or

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Josh E said...

Getting an internship was probably the best thing I have ever done. It has helped me out a lot. I have actually learnt to do so much more than I would sitting in a desk back at school. You get to experience so much more, which is getting you ready for the real world. Also, on the bright side, you get to leave 4 out of 5 days a week and you only have to deal with 3 classes a day. So, if you don't really like sitting in school all day, you can just look at it a whole different way. Most of the time the end of 3rd block comes pretty quick, and next thing you know is your on your way to going to your internship. Seriously, think about doing an internship with something that you really enjoy doing or something you would love to do after college. It will be very worth it.