Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why School to Career?

Through my time here I have approached many student who I have felt needed a little boost or guidance with career exploration. I often get a strange response I don't really comprehend. "WHY WOULD I NEED THAT?" Well here are a few thought on WHY. High School and the teen years can be very confusing. Student are focused on studies, social life, and just trying to make it through. BUT what comes next. Many have no clue, and that's okay. That is why you explore. Take the opportunity to learn about yourself, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, goals. You have the ability to do this now without the worry of huge bills, and the everyday concerns of people working to clothe, feed, and shelter themselves. When you know what you like and more about what you want choosing a career and a future path is a little easier. You are able to explore now in an atmosphere that supports you. When I work with a student closely I get to know them. I can see clearly, even if they can't, opportunities that are around them. Program and experiences that they will enjoy and at the same time enhance their life now and in the future. Their is a path of success and happiness for all of us we just need a little help finding it sometimes. I encourage student of all grades and abilities to begin the path of self discovery, and I'm here in my little office if you ever want or need a little help finding that path. I love the student i work with and work hard to make them successful but in the end it comes down to you making the initial moves. Take one step on to the path and you'll find each step after that is just a little easier.

-Mrs. Ellis

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